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The studio

Jean-Michel Jacquet


Architect-Urbanist, born in Paris, he became an associate of Bernard FOUQUERAY in 1984 and since 1991 has directed the firm with locations in Reims and in Paris.

Architect-Urbanist engaged in civic society, he puts into practice daily, through his architectural production, his engagement. Respect of surrounding heritage,
sustainable development, assembly, usage, human dimensions are all as much integrated approaches to his work.

The diversity of subjects handled allows for permanent enrichment. From the French Pavilion at the Hanover Universal Exposition in 2000 to the Courlancy private
hospital in Bezannes in 2018, what are the common points? Rigour in its handling, its functional readability, a humanist sensibility, and the level of demand for quality.

Art is equally omnipresent in his architecture, as former President of the Champagne-Ardennes Regional Contemporary Art Foundation, he is nourished by his encounters and his emotion that enrich his projects.

The ambition shared by all projects is elegance and rigour.

The studio

The studio of Jean-Michel Jacquet and Associates is multidisciplinary, combining architects, urban planners, and engineers.

It works on all scales within the city and on a diverse pallet of domains: urban planning, medical centres, the health and social sector, private and public housing,
universities, industrial buildings, etc.

Together these constructive and cultural fields form their own corpus within the studio, where each domain enters in to enrich the other in a global vision open to
society and its evolutions.

Whatever the project may be, three components are found; urban planning, humaneness, and longevity of the composition.

The team

The team is composed of roughly fifteen collaborateurs, architects, urbanists, engineers, drawing artists and administrators that have worked in perfect harmony for a number of years.

The team is highly experienced in public and private competitions and in using contemporary and new technology and materials. It knows nothing of the dilemmas that come across in the profession. Amongst rupture or continuity, the context, or the concept, the team always tries to bring everything together to create a complete summary.


Association with Bernard Fouqueray
Création de la SA Fouqueray-Jacquet
Le centre principal de secours de Reims – Paul Marchandeau
Ecole d’ingénieurs en emballage et conditionnement et d’un centre de recherche à Reims
Le Campus de Châlons-en-Champagne
Le centre de recherche en biotechnologie et physico-chimie du Moulin de la Housse à Reims
Aéroport de Fret à Vatry
Les amphithéâtres universitaires du campus Croix-Rouge à Reims
L’université de technologie à Troyes
Lauréat du Palmarès National de l’Habitat pour l’opération Jaurès Gobelin à Reims
Le Centre des urgences du CHU Maison-Blanche à Reims
Architecte invité à l’Exposition Universelle pour le pavillon Français à Hanovre (Allemagne)
Pôle de santé public/privé à Romilly-sur-Seine
Lauréat du Prix Bas Carbone – EDF – Les résidences du Vieux Port à Reims
Siège social du Foyer Rémois à Reims
Centre de secours à Cologne (Allemagne)
Résidence sociale à Aulnay-sous-Bois
Clinique de soins de suite et de rééducation à Cormontreuil
Siège social de Plurial Novilia à Reims
Etablissement Hospitalier pour Personnes Agées Dépendantes à Bezannes
Plus grande clinique privé de France – Courlancy à Bezannes
Pôle Cancer à Bezannes

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